Chairman’s Message


“Tea is more than just our way of life. It’s a passion.”

Eswaran Teas hails from a family business that has been handcrafted with love, effort and perseverance. From shipping our first teas to Kuwait over 50 years ago, this legacy has progressed down to its 3rd generation, up until now.

The trade has delved beyond simply producing great tea; the relationships we have with our partners, distributors and consumers is dear to my heart, and is something I sincerely cherish. The tea plant is a wonderful gift from Mother Nature, which rejuvenates the body and soothes the soul. Every sip has the tendency to heal, inspire and energise.

Eswaran Tea therefore believes in the power of reciprocity, and focuses on giving back to the very environment that gives us this wonder beverage. Being the only CarbonNeutral® certified tea company in the world, our initiatives to give back to our planet and the community teach us that there is a great deal of goodness in both tea, as well as bringing a smile onto the faces of those who really need it.

So come, allow me to take you on a soulful journey into the world of Eswaran Tea. We guarantee that we have something for everyone, and for any taste!

Most Sincerely,
D. Eassuwaren