Our Brands

Redefining tea that soothes and invigorates – time and time again.

With over 5 decades in the business, our flagship tea brands have stood the test of time to delight with each sophisticated sip. Being the tea connoisseurs they are, our team of tea experts continue to push boundaries and innovate. This has resulted in teas that feature flavours which cater to varied markets and consumers.

As this soothing beverage incorporates a combination of diversity and premium quality, our brands have been crafted for a variety of markets. Each promises nothing short of the most exceptional – no matter what your tea related requirements are.

Olinda teas – invigorating your soul, inspiring prosperity.


Believed to usher good luck, the Olinda seed has been cherished by Sri Lankans since time immemorial. As homes are decorated and games are played during festive seasons with these seeds, its plant also features therapeutic properties that are of immense value to soothe several ailments.

Named after this charming seed, the Olinda brand of teas also wish to evoke feelings of bounty and rejuvenation. With an assortment of products available, uplift your senses and energize your inner self as you sip into one of these teas!

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Organic. Fairtrade. Sustainable.

tea-so-tea-coverThese are just some of the words that describe Tea So Tea. As delightful taste oozes from every leaf that’s packed in biodegradable cartons, every flavor and aroma is full of life – 100% naturally. Being the only CarbonNeutral® tea brand in the world, every aspect of producing these teas (from sourcing to packaging) is done with sustainable resources.

As a result, these eco-friendly processes have significantly reduced our carbon footprint in due course of bringing these teas to you. So go ahead, confidently indulge in Tea So Tea – with the assurance that our planet is taken good care of, and well preserved!

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Serving the very best that the hill country has to offer – in a teacup.


What makes the perfect Ceylon tea? One that has basked in golden sunshine and felt the gentle breeze of the Central Highlands in Sri Lanka, of course! Today’s Taste emphasizes on authentic up country glory by capturing the flavor, aroma and vitality that tea offers over here.

It only takes a sip to uplift your senses and feel the mystifying charm of hill country tea. Whether it’s for a lazy evening or a special occasion, Today’s Taste is perfect anytime, anywhere!

Brisk, energetic flavors accompanied by sensational aromas – the essence of Jolly Sun.

jolly-sun-coverExperience true tropical splendor with Jolly Sun! Consisting of full bodied tones that are teeming with flavor, your taste buds are in for a delectable treat as you sip in to these teas. Made from authentic and superior grade tea leaves, Jolly Sun ensures an active and pleasant start to your day.

Give your mind and body the boost it deserves with a cup of pure Ceylon tea from Jolly Sun! This tea is enjoyed best with breakfast or for a quick pick-me-up anytime during the day.